Name and Surname: Alessandra Tarantino
Born the: 08/05/1982
State Italy
Mobile +39 347.87.38.584
Skype alessandra.tarantino

A graphic designer with a proven record of delivering creative and innovative design solutions. A proven ability of developing projects from inception through production to final delivery, ensuring that all work is effective, appropriate and delivered within agreed timescales. Able to work as part of a team with printers, copywriters, photographers, other designers, account executives, web developers and marketing specialists. Now working for a cosmetc italian brand.

skills and proficiency

Very good social, relational and communicative skills, honed during teamwork projects, conferences and international workshops.
Flexible, goal-oriented and highly motivated.
Excellent organization and time management skills.

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Ecodesign ____ 03/2006 --> 12/2008

Master degree: “DESIGN OF ECOCOMPATIBLE PRODUCTS” (Design del prodotto ecocompatibile), Politecnico di Torino, Faculty of Architecture I
Title: “Household appliances: an integrated system. Changing the rules." / "un sistema integrato. Cambiare le regole"
grade: 110/110 with Right of Publication
Advisor Luigi Bistagnino
Team Berardi Veronica - Lazzaro Cinzia - Mancuso Manuela - Uccelli Adriana

Thinking and planning a new approach to the manufacturing system based on the “Zero Emission” concept while keeping the “human” at the centre of the project.
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* The goal of ECODESIGN course takes the form of training a designer who can set up and competently manage the activity of industrial product design without emissions. The aim is to develop a culture of design in such a way that interest in innovation is related to the larger vision of an approach to the new production system, including also the humanistic components and positioning the man as project focus. The ecological requests of products and the theme of environmental protection, which companies now face as a result of increasingly restrictive national and international regulations, should be regarded as ever present, irrespective of the themes examined, since they apply to all human and industrial activities. Level 2 aims, in particular, to train designers who are expert in the design of ecological products in support of driving sectors, while at the same time being innovative in terms of ecodesign. An example of this is the components sector namely both as the “hard” part of industrial products and as constructive module of building system

Industrial Design ____ 09/2002 --> 03/2006

Bachelor degree in Industrial Design - Politecnico di Torino, Faculty of Architecture I, Industrial design Studies
Title "Accessible Design: supplies for the house kitchen"
Grade: 110/110 cum laude

AdvisorProf. Arch. Claudio Germak

Designing an accessible kitchen for everybody, including people with special needs. See My work

*The training goal at this level consists of training an operator who is familiar with the basic themes of the subject, capable of mediating the reasons for research, the market and production, or in other words acting as a working interface between the designer and work. Among the numerous possible forms of teaching design, the 1 st level gives preference to the cultural preparation of a new professional figure, whose expertise focuses more on their interpretation and management for the purpose of realisation rather than merely proposing new design contents. The possibility of using workshops for real and virtual modelling supposes that this new professional figure can be inserted in the workplace in a clearly operative capacity, also helping to fulfil the requirements of expert modellers and prototype designers expressed by the business sector.

ENAIP ____ 09/2008 --> 06/2009

ENAIP - Ente Acli Istruzione Professionale
Webmaster - Learning, planning and editing websites based on HTML and CSS
800 h of course + 320 h of stage

Upper school ____ 09/1996 --> 07/2001

Scientific college - Valsalice

IWASEDAN ____ 4-8/08/2008

International Workshop, NAGOIA Univercity, Japan
"The First International Workshop and Symposium for Enviromental Design & Architecture

Working in team with young people coming from all the world on the sustainable Architecture and product design. The theme is developed in different field: from industrial design product, communicational videos.
- comunication with people of other countries
- a first approach to videos and video-editing

PREVIA ____ 05/2010 --> today

Previa S.p.A - Via Massimo D'antona 9/bis - 10038 Trofarello - TO - ITALY -
employment contract: open ended

Graphic designer.
Developing concepts and artwork, creating graphic design solutions from concept through to completion. Responsible for developing and creating both digital and print design for a wide range of products, publications and advertising.


  • _Managing, producing and designing projects from brief to fulfillment.
  • _Designing and creating marketing and e-marketing materials on a range of projects.
  • _Presenting finalised ideas and concepts to clients for personal corporate images.
  • _Creating original artwork for short and long term projects.
  • _Involved in designing advertisements, brochures, handouts, flyers and online graphics.
  • _Working with a range of media, including photography, to create final artwork.

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Sinervis - WEB AND TRAINING AGENCY ____ 04/2010 --> 2011

Sinervis S.r.l - Via Vitruvio 38 - Milano - ITALY
Teaching RhinoCeros, Illustrator, Indesign, Photoshop, HTML & CSS. Individually and to little class


  • _Deep knowledge of programs.
  • _Management of lessons goals, exercises and examples
  • _communication skill and ensured full participation of students in each event
  • _Stress and time management ability
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TESTA E CUORE ____ 12/2009 --> 05/20010

TESTA E CUORE S.a.s. - Via Duca degli Abruzzi 30 - Trofarello - TO - ITALY

Graphic designer.
Testa e cuore: advertising agency with important clients, specially food producer, like Scotti and Melegatti. I spent 6 months creating graphic design solutions for packaging and paper-advertising, rendering product with photoshop, photo postprodution, making mock up to present new packaging to the client, studying event desks.


  • _Able to work under pressure, meet deadlines and multitask.
  • _short time to end the works.
  • _precision e manual dexterity to create mock up.

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MGM STUDIO WEB ____ 09/2009 --> other project until today

MGM Via Isonzo n. 6/b Cap 22078 - Turate (CO) - Italy
employment contract: limited

Graphic - web designer.
Mgm Studio Web is a Web Agency specialized in designing websites, ecommerce, chat, casinò, search engine, advertising, web marketing...


  • Designing and developing a lot of advertizing campaigns.
  • Designing the theme of a lot of websites
  • Designing logos for clients
  • Designing static and animated banners
  • Graphic forpresentation.

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IDICONS ____ 03/2008 --> 05/2011

IDICONS S.r.l. Corso Duca degli Abruzzi 43, 10129 Torino
employment contract:project contract

Graphic - web designer.
Designing graphic layout of websites


  • - Deep contact with the clients
  • - Sadisfaction of the needs of the clients.

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Member of the team- Coordinator of the International Workshop
“Innovazione & Design”

Organizer of the Event
Cambiare le regole – il settore degli elettrodomestici: un sistema integrato
01/2009 _ a meeting of the calendar “Torino World Design Capital 2008”

Organizer of the Event IdLab
01/2008 - 03/2008
Helping in managing the workshop for Geodesign; realizing graphic materials for articles, monitoring and updating the website “IdiLab” with editing languages Wiki (Moin Moin) IdLab, Interaction Design Lab, via Bonelli, 3 - 10122 Torino

M.A.P. Museo Archivio Politecnico
01/2007 – 06/2008
Politecnico di Torino, Corso Duca degli Abruzzi, 24, 10129, Torino, ITALIA MAP-website
Photograper for museum gallery; cataloging all the museum product.

CESIT, Centro servizi indormatici e Telematici
09/2008 – 12/2008
Politecnico di Torino, Corso Duca degli Abruzzi, 24, 10129, Torino, ITALIA CESIT-website
Laboratory technician: management control of computer appliance of the Polytechnic

AIDA Associazione ItalianaDonne Ingegneri e architetti
Politecnico di Torino, Corso Duca degli Abruzzi, 24, 10129, Torino, ITALIA AIDA-website
Graphic designer: Designing advertisements, brochures, handouts, flyers and graphics for exhibitions and events.

Torino, ITALIA ANFASS-website
Invalid assistant: as a volunteer and working with the institute in a summer vacancy.

IDEA Institute ____ 2005 --> 2008

IDEA Institute S.p.A Idea Institute, Centro Stile, Strada del Portone 61, 10137 Torino

Sketching car’s outlines. Producing graphic and drawing for new product presentations.

Awards - Publications - Events

Interview for Vstation
See the Video
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Parteciping at the meeting TESICAMP Palazzo Giureconsulti, Piazza Mercanti 2, Milano


Awarded by Unione Industriale di Torino with the “OPTIME prize”, with my team - Turin 2010

TELESUBALPINA interview: “What will be the future of household appliances?” with the professor Luigi Bistagnino and my co-worker Uccelli Adriana 9/10/2009
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2d Softwares

Adobe Indesign CS5 *****
Adobe Illustrator CS5 *****
Adobe Photoshop CS5 *****
Macromedia Freehand ***

3d Softwares

Microstation *
Rhinoceros ****
3dMax ****
Autocad *

Movie Softwares

Adobe Flash CS5 *****
Director *
Finalcut **

Programming languages / softwares

Html ***
CSS **
Actionscript *
MoinMoin per WIKI *
PsPad / Notepad++ *

Office softwares

Word *****
Exell **
Power Point ****
Access *